The emerging consumption era drives the economic packaging o

Consumption is eternal and innovation is endless. After 90 / 00, the new generation has become the main force of consumption. The consumption upgrading of the new middle class pays more and more attention to quality consumption and experiential consumption. The young people in small towns have become the new driving force of the consumption industry. Consumers have gradually become the core and leading force of the transformation from a supply driven market to a consumption driven market, gradually shaping and promoting the development of all walks of life. Therefore, it is particularly important to create creative packaging design that can better create beauty consumption and quality consumption, and the box side, which is committed to providing customers with "tailor-made" integrated solutions, has been pursuing perfection and excellence.
The four in one creative design is the core advantage of the box bank. Based on the customer's needs, it controls the product packaging in an all-round way, establishes a high-level design, proofing and pre press service team, and a perfect post press production equipment system. It optimizes the product level by level from the design to the finished product, and combines with the form, color, shelf display, promotion and other carriers of the packaging itself to achieve multi angle and all-round development In depth to create an integrated service model, so that customers save time, money, effort and worry.
Based on the creative design, the box bank is a multi-dimensional product system with integrated packaging, intelligent packaging, environmental protection packaging and functional packaging to meet all the needs of customers in function, concept and efficiency. Based on its differentiated needs, it provides high value-added extension services beyond product supply, such as graphic and engineering design, brand and production management, warehousing and distribution to the production line. In order to respond to customer needs in a timely manner and shorten the delivery time, it establishes a fast and efficient response mechanism to provide customers with nearby services and delivery. It has 26 service outlets around the world, distributed in China and the United States China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and other countries. To build a best-selling product, 10000 + enterprises have witnessed the successful sales of more than 100 million packaging boxes.
At the moment when emerging consumption has become the mainstream trend, packaging is no longer just the "last step" of product delivery. In terms of creating trendy products, improving "appearance value" and being close to young consumers, creative packaging can give more power to products. Box side will focus on the printing and packaging market as always, and continue to create value for customers by providing leading products and services!

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