Expanding the development boundary of creative packaging in

With the penetration of new kinetic energy composed of "artificial intelligence +", mobile priority, cloud computing and intelligent terminals into all walks of life, the scale of all vertical application fields in the era of Internet of things is constantly expanding, and new changes and innovative packaging have forced the internal upgrading and transformation of enterprises. The boundary between industries is becoming more and more blurred, and the ways of reaching and linking are becoming more and more diversified. The creative packaging industry is also facing new tasks and challenges of self optimization and continuous innovation. The box bank is in such a trend of the times and market calls out a road of intelligent packaging.
The big data platform of smart IOT based on the frontier creative packaging has greatly expanded the value creativity and development boundary of packaging. In addition to the traditional package function and beauty economy, intelligent packaging has become a powerful power for enterprises to create a new mode of business marketing and operation management.
Through cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of things and other technologies, and through the use of two-dimensional code, ar Augmented Reality (image recognition), invisible watermark, digital watermark, dot matrix technology, RFID electronic tags and other technologies on the product packaging, product anti-counterfeiting identification, dynamic traceability and mobile marketing are realized. With the help of the data platform system behind these front-end image recognition, enterprises can further complete the whole life cycle information collection process of products, enhance the sense of consumer experience, avoid illegal sales behavior in marketing channels, and improve the granularity and fineness of enterprise management. To build a best-selling product, 10000 + enterprises have witnessed the successful sales of more than 100 million packaging boxes.
At present, the smart IOT big data platform built by box bank has formed a cluster advantage and linkage effect, covering creativity, cultural industry, daily chemicals, big health, food and drug safety traceability and other fields. Intelligent packaging is not only a new trend of industry innovation, but also a new ecology of more intelligent public life. Creative packaging industry is playing an increasingly irreplaceable role in product trend, appearance and function. I believe box bank will continue to ride the wind and waves in the Starry Sea of intelligent improvement of quality and creative beautification of life!

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