Which is a good packaging design company? Box side creative

From the perspective of market and consumers, there is a significant correlation between product sales and product packaging. In fact, many brands or enterprises have had a lot of painful experience in this aspect. The most common one is that they have invested too much in the design and production of product packaging, but the effect is not ideal, and even seriously affected the product sales. Often, after the upgrading of packaging, the sales soared immediately. Therefore, product packaging design is very important. As the leader of creative packaging design in China, creative packaging by box has gradually come into people's view.
Which is a good packaging design company? Most people in the industry will mention Box Bank creative packaging, because Box Bank creative packaging, like many national enterprises, has established a firm foothold in China and kept looking at the international market. It has established production bases in Southeast Asia, established branches in the United States, Australia and other countries, and has become a perennial service provider of the world's top 500 enterprises and hundreds of high-end brands. Strong strength to win the recognition of international customers, but also show the self-confidence charm of national enterprises. To build a best-selling product, 10000 + enterprises have witnessed the successful sales of more than 100 million packaging boxes.
As the leader of creative packaging design in China, box bank creative packaging was founded by the top domestic creative people in 1999. The core team members of the enterprise have accumulated decades of experience in the field of FMCG product development, and are proficient in the industrial chain process from product strategy positioning to packaging design and production integration. At present, the enterprise scale is very large, involved in a wide range of business areas, also has a wide range of customer groups.
Product packaging is a comprehensive service work with high intelligence, and a good product packaging is the embodiment of group cooperation. Through efficient management, box side creative packaging controls product packaging in an all-round way, optimizes product packaging from design to finished product level by level, strictly controls cost, improves sales volume, improves customer profit through enterprise service, and has excellent reputation in the market.
It is worth mentioning that the creative packaging of box bank is under group management. At present, it has 57 subsidiaries and 7 branches. With the cooperation of domestic and foreign production bases and service centers, local customers and foreign customers can enjoy convenient and intimate services. In the future, I believe box bank will continue to explore new areas, make more new attempts, so as to provide more customers with high-quality service, which is worth looking forward to.

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