Improve product sales with creative packaging design

In the 5g era, artificial intelligence, big data and other creative packaging are rising, which profoundly changes the social industrial structure and deeply affects people's lifestyle. It is also the significance of creative packaging design enterprises such as box side creative packaging.
Of course, if there is a market, there will be comparison, and if there is comparison, there will be competition. Whoever can succeed in the qualification depends on his ability. By virtue of continuous excellent creativity and professional and accurate planning ability, box side creative packaging has won the recognition of customers and successfully opened the door of the capital market.
After 20 years of creative packaging design and long-term market training, we have realized a truth: all the design and marketing that can't improve the sales of products are the self happiness of creative companies! In order to avoid falling into such a quagmire, boxpan creative packaging applies a lot of positioning theory, Chinese and Chinese methods to provide customers with "four in one" services such as packaging planning and design, so as to help customers reduce the cost of marketing communication; it also provides customers with natural, simple and environmentally friendly packaging and printing services by integrating its own supply chain, so as to successfully assist customers To build super products with core driving force. To build a best-selling product, 10000 + enterprises have witnessed the successful sales of more than 100 million packaging boxes.
It is understood that in the past 20 years, box bank creative packaging has been focusing on the positioning design of FMCG products, creating each packaging work with craftsmanship spirit. So far, it has created more than 1000 best-selling products with sales volume of over 100 million, with customers in more than 40 industries, including Maotai, Yanghe, Wuliangye, Bama tea, Gucci, NARS, Bvlgari and other first-line famous brands.
Box side creative packaging has been forging ahead step by step, and has finally become a perennial service provider for tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises and dozens of world top 500 enterprises. It has also embarked on the grand strategy of global layout, with branches in Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia and other places. Now, with the help of the capital market, it has obtained a large amount of investment and broadened financing channels, which means that the enterprise will have a better development prospect.

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