Refuse soulless design, set off the custom packaging of wine

A clear brand image is particularly important for the development of China's liquor industry. Many famous wine brands in China all pay attention to the integration of brand culture and packaging design. In the packaging design of famous wine, packaging not only represents taste and positioning, but also carries corporate culture, vision and expectation. Based on his 20 years of continuous service experience in the wine industry, he interprets the secret of the success of packaging design in the wine industry. If liquor packaging wants to follow the same trend and get out of the style with its own characteristics, it must speak in terms of positioning, culture, style and characteristics, break the Convention and accurately lock the soul characteristics of the product.
As a famous liquor industry in China Baijiu, the packaging design of Moutai liquor not only carries the wind of "national wine", highlights the internationalization and modernization development features of the "national wine" brand, but also takes into account the Moutai's recent wine, diplomatic wine and national wine brand image. The box bank goes deep into the origin of Maotai in Guizhou. Through investigation and research, it finds out the peculiar spring water in Guizhou. It has been praised by Liu Che, the emperor of Han Dynasty as "sweet and beautiful". Since the Han Dynasty, it has opened up a foreign road for Maotai in Guizhou. It integrates the praise of the "top 500" of national liquor with the Han liquor culture it inherits, and has created a new packaging image of Maotai -- Gongyi dragon dance.
According to the idea of "harmony between man and nature", Jinlong spirit moves in the sky, and the "five hundred strong" with the atmosphere is matched with China red, positioning the liquor status in Baijiu. According to the cultural tonality of "carrying things with virtue", the creative design of the description text into the shape of the palace, coupled with the noble and elegant background color, the nature nourishes the land, the earth nourishes the people, and the people testify the nature, the customized Maotai wine design traces back to the origin of wine, and interprets the relationship between man and nature in the wine way.
China's wine culture has a long history. Although the domestic Baijiu brand has been drawing on the inheritance of wine culture in brand building, from the perspective of product marketing, the box side always thinks that "one wine, one product, one product and one soul". Guizhou wenjingfang is a high-end brand of customized wine. In the process of packaging design, the golden texture and dark red color are used to highlight the historical massiness of wenjingfang brand. The blue and white porcelain printing on the bottle body is in contrast with the stippling "Tsinghua University" font. It is simple and introverted to describe the noble character of a gentleman like jade and not arrogant.
The reason why the box side breaks the traditional way of wine packaging design, subversive design, digs the way of blending shape, color and culture, traces the source of brand culture to personalized design, lies in the deep understanding of the box side that only the packaging with soul is the most suitable way for wine products to highlight the characteristics of Chinese wine culture.
One thing is one soul, one thing is one case, the box side refuses to design without soul, which not only brings about the custom packaging in the wine industry, but also explains to customers and the packaging design industry that any product is worthy of serious care and gentle treatment.

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