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Deduce the new style of oriental aesthetics, and occupy the

No art, no life. Innovating communication concept and opening cross-border integration of Chinese culture IP has gradually become the trend of all walks of life. In particular, the New Oriental aesthetic fashion with traditional culture, mysterious color and modern artistic flavor has set off wave after wave of national trend. As a perennial service provider of the world's top 500 corporate brands, the design practice of box side four in one creative packaging in this area is also eye-catching.
Creative packaging in the value system of cultural IP is equivalent to a super symbol that can transfer the product core and seize the user's mind! Based on the professional creative packaging service mode of "brand strategy, creative design, technology research and development, proofing production", Hepan creative packaging provides integrated creative solutions in various product categories such as health care products, tea, cosmetics, food and beverage, so as to perfectly present the profound connotation and heritage of Chinese culture from inside to outside, and highlight the artistic taste and style of brand products .
In the packaging design of Baijiu Tiancheng liquor package, after fully investigating the brewing water source and processing technology of the customers' products, the product is positioned in the spirit of natural ecology and bole, and the product is positioned as "par heaven". The symbol language of the product's profound historical and cultural atmosphere is given to the design of the creative packaging, and the core and exterior of the customer product are fully displayed in front of consumers. To build a best-selling product, 10000 + enterprises have witnessed the successful sales of more than 100 million packaging boxes.
The packaging design of Qingxiang scented tea is in line with the positioning and concept of clean and intelligent production line of the enterprise brand and the whole process from the original leaf to the finished product. In the image language and symbols of creative packaging, Xianyun, wild crane, distant mountain, flying bird and temple with regional logo are selected as the main visual carriers. From these presentation and interpretation, the taste and breath of a cup of cool and natural good tea has been on the face It's coming.
From brand packaging planning, packaging design to proofing production, creative packaging by the box fully demonstrates the modern Oriental New Aesthetics in serving customers' products. This is not only the creation of super products, but also the transmission of quality of life. It creates the connotation and boundary of brand in an all-round and deep level.
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