From brand planning, creative design, proofing to production, you will have no worries about the future

80% of the customers of Hepan, originated from the introduction of old customers

One-to-one service, produced until you are satisfied

There are no big and small customers in the box, every customer must take it seriously

From cost to mind, creative packaging by the box helps brand

This is an era in which marketing scenes are everywhere and brand communication is full of more possibilities. Media contacts spread infinitely, and attention becomes increasingly fragmented. How to use more and more ways to contact consumers, and establish a real emotional connection with them, and effectively implant brand information into users' minds has become a breakthrough in the face of fierce competition in the industry and the establishment of differentiated competitive advantage for brands. The four in one creative packaging by the box initiated the professional service mode of "brand strategy, creative design, technology research and development, proofing production" in the industry, helping customers to create best-selling products, create a strong brand, and seize the minds of consumers.
In the complex commodity market, in the era of attention scarcity, the paradigm transition of user's mind actually goes through a process from "let me buy" to "I like to buy". The creative packaging of "four in one" by the box can give more reasons to buy goods, and is committed to creating super products with core driving force.
From strategic positioning, new product development, product upgrading to packaging design, product production landing, product line management and other whole chain links, creative packaging by box has its own "playing by box". The support of "heart attack" lies in the core positioning. Every creative packaging created by box bank is based on a large number of in-depth market research and target group research, and ultimately provides an integrated creative packaging scheme from two dimensions of value positioning and trust construction. In terms of more intuitive and more concrete external presentation, he adheres to the methodology of "what you see is what you get" and establishes cognition and association with consumers by means of language, symbol, color, modeling, entity and other communication dimensions.
Good products speak for themselves, which is the silent but most powerful brand flexible communication, so that consumers can form a complete brand value cognition, from vision to psychology, and have a good impression and dependence on the brand from the inside out. To build a best-selling product, 10000 + enterprises have witnessed the successful sales of more than 100 million packaging boxes.
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