Dancing with "houlang", walking with "creativity" and

From made in China to intelligent manufacturing in China, from satisfying food and clothing to pursuing a better life, from simply purchasing products to focusing on consumption experience, the consumption upgrading trend jointly promoted by consumers and business innovation is in the ascendant. In the face of the new wave of brand-new upgrading, the products that can move consumers most are not necessarily the most expensive, but they must be the most "moving". Creative packaging of four in one by box is to lead the new era of consumption upgrading on the basis of packaging enabling product value and brand tonality.
Product strategy is the top-level strategy. As a perennial service provider of the world's top 500 brands, the brand strategy of box bank is to take super products as the core driving force of enterprise competitiveness, and provide one-stop, integrated solutions of creative packaging in terms of building market moat, enabling value-added brand assets, and seizing customers' minds, so as to help customer enterprises create popular products and get rid of low-level competition Market competition pattern, to the goal of high quality development.
As one of the world's top 500 enterprise brand perennial service providers, box bank pioneered the industry's "brand strategy, creative design, technology research and development, proofing production" professional creative packaging service mode. The gift box has a wide range of types, various materials and fine workmanship,
It can realize integrated packaging, intelligent packaging, environmental protection packaging, functional packaging and other creative packaging solutions, realize product anti-counterfeiting, traceability, mobile marketing, brand promotion and other functions, enhance the sense of experience of consumers, avoid illegal sales behavior in marketing channels, enhance the added value of products and improve the ability of independent pricing of enterprises. Moreover, the big data platform system of smart IOT at box bank realizes the comprehensive upgrading of creative packaging + digitization from multiple chains and dimensions, such as box bank cloud creative box cool platform, cultural industry cloud platform, cosmetics traceability marketing platform, big health products traceability marketing platform, food and drug traceability marketing platform, and agricultural products cloud traceability marketing platform, which is an enterprise product in the emerging consumer era Powerful power driven by strategy! To build a best-selling product, 10000 + enterprises have witnessed the successful sales of more than 100 million packaging boxes.

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