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In recent years, in the cultivation and development of brand equity, more and more "user communication" effectiveness. How to interact with consumers through silent product language is a problem that all enterprises are thinking and exploring. And a real understanding of the user's packaging, product depth and brand tonality, and users for collision and communication. The pioneer industry "brand strategy, creative design, technology research and development, proofing production" professional creative packaging service mode of the box bank, is committed to creating best-selling products for customers, creating a strong brand.
In terms of core positioning, box bank will solve the pain points and demand points of the target audience of packaging products from six aspects of internal analysis, external analysis, category positioning, crowd positioning, value positioning and trust building. Good creative packaging is the wings to help products take off, so the bottom logic and support of box packaging is based on the brand core and market trend.
In terms of external presentation, with the help of a strong creative design team and advanced landing technology system, box bank carries out all-round, deep-seated and multi-dimensional creation in language presentation, symbol presentation, color presentation, modeling presentation, entity presentation and communication presentation, achieves brand flexible communication with consumers with more intuitive and amazing experience, and makes consumers fall in love with products from the inside out. This method can effectively transfer the unified brand value cognition in the two steps of internal and external cultivation and WYSIWYG, and deeply implant the brand impression into the mind of consumers. To build a best-selling product, 10000 + enterprises have witnessed the successful sales of more than 100 million packaging boxes.
To create a super product, box side has its own "box side method". From the perspective of consumer's mind, "I need to buy" is the reason to buy the kernel, while "I like" is the attraction of the foreign minister. It is based on these two orientations that box bank gradually occupies the user's mind and creates the path and mode of creative packaging with the combination of kernel positioning and external appearance.

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