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According to the law of supply and demand, if there is a strong demand, there will be a steady supply. With the in-depth development of market economy, the market demand of packaging design industry is increasing day by day, and the industry competition is extremely fierce. If you want to win the favor of customers and gain a firm foothold in the industry, you need better service and better creativity. Box Bank creative packaging is such an enterprise.
After years of hard work, box bank creative packaging has established a high-level design and service team, adhering to the design idea of starting from the product, accurately positioning the target market of customers, and then helping customers build product packaging, improve sales force and brand awareness in an all-round way, which has been widely recognized and praised.
A good packaging is not cold, but can speak, can convey ideas, can bring higher added value to the product. The creative packaging by the box just takes "strategy oriented, creativity first" as the design concept, focuses on the design and production of packaging, deeply combines traditional techniques and modern technology, product connotation and marketing, so that the design has appeal and sales power. For customers, through the establishment of partnership with Box Bank, it can accelerate the brand communication and improve the sales force of products, so as to bring more considerable economic value for themselves. To build a best-selling product, 10000 + enterprises have witnessed the successful sales of more than 100 million packaging boxes.
In terms of creative packaging design, through the value mining of customers' products, the analysis of competitive products and other ways, the box bank established a clear consumer portrait, and then combined with the packaging itself to create a multi angle and all-round enterprise product packaging. Practice has proved that it has an excellent help for the promotion of product sales.
In terms of enterprise management and technology research and development, box bank implements group management, which can control product packaging in an all-round way, optimize product level by level from design to finished product, and strictly control cost. In order to ensure that the design team has a continuous stream of rich creativity, the enterprise has also invested huge R & D funds to set up box Bank Research Institute, which has innovated hundreds of industry-leading technologies and successfully developed most of the independent intellectual property patent achievements.
With a strong competitive advantage, box bank has a firm foothold in the domestic packaging market, and is now accelerating the pace of global expansion. We have established production bases in Southeast Asia, and set up service centers in America and Australia. We have provided services to tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in more than 40 industries and dozens of top 500 enterprises in the world. We have built more than 1000 best-selling products worth over 100 million. Enough to see that the box bank is a creative packaging enterprise with strength and connotation.

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