Our Item Quality and Condition Rating System

- Near perfect condition, no markings or tears, clean front/back covers and interior pages 

Very Good - Clean condition, probably used, no major blemishes

Good - Used, clean, slight possible wear around page and edges, possible edge dings and spine wear. Could have slight pencil mark

Fair - Slight wear on cover and/or backside, all pages accounted for, some possible markings, blemishes around pages and edges, but 100% readable

Poor - Excessive wear, some loose pages, tears, stains, marks, discoloration around page edges, but still usable for reading and reference

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Sample #1

Near perfect condition Very clean cover, interior pages, and backside

(edges and corners clean)

Sample #2

Sample #3
Rated GOOD

Sample #4
Rated FAIR

Sample #5
Rated POOR

Probably used, but no major blemishes, creases, or markings

Clean, slight possible wear around page edges - perhaps an occasional blemish

Wear on cover and/or backside, pencil or pen markings, some blemishes or creases

Excessive wear, some tears, stains, marks, blemishes, worn edges, loose covers

(corner fold)

All pages complete and 100% readable

(edges and corners clean)

(spine tear)

(spine wear)

(price marking)

(edge tear)


(corner of cover torn)

(worn corners)

Usable for reading, research, and reference

(clean corner)

(clean corner)

(clean cover)

(very clean cover)

(price marking on page)


Each publication is handled very carefully and checked for all conditions of age and wear. We scrutinize every copy and consider even the slightest blemish before rating and pricing.

All of these vintage publications are genuine original editions. They have been sitting loose or stored in boxes in attics, basements, garages and other places. Therefore, they do have aging and wear from being stored over the many years.

Whatever value each issue claims, we still took the liberty to reduce the price a level lower to insure even greater satisfaction. Many of our "Excellent" rated issues were lowered to "Very Good." The "very Good" to "Good" and so on down the line.

That's our standard. 

(back cover very worn or missing)











(water spot)

(corner ding)

(spine wear)

All pages complete and 100% readable

Using the various magazines below as a sample base for quality and condition ratings, please note the comments on each.
Every publication is rated using the same inspection method